Download Zapya APk for Android – Samsung, HTC, Moto e/g 2nd Gen

Download Zapya for android: Zapya is a fast mobile transfer tool in all devices and it is a popular mobile content sharing application which was released in 2012. Zapya app is a very effective and easy to use file transfer application and the only negative trait in this application is its installation steps and there is no clarity on how to share files among friends which is worthy to be a negative, but if we exclude them then everything is fine – crystal and clear.

Download Zapya App For Android For Free:

zapya for android

zapya for android

Zapya app for pc is the coolest sharing application we find till now if we compare it with other apps. Zapya  will do its best for file sharing, file transferring, file sending, file sharing, sharing of pics and also it is a cross platform oriented.

Key Elements of Zapya Application:

zapya download

  • Zapya’s real Cross-platform file transfer with native Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone/PC, and Mac software gives the best out of all.
  • It has internet’s TOP 50 Best Apps and best thing is it’s individual award for “The Best Tools App of GMIC 2015”.
  • We can connect over 300 million users worldwide for free sharing of files, video files, audio files and lot more.

Features of Zapya:

zapya for mobile

  • Free and Self oriented Sharing Network which supports and gives the best in transferring the files without data connection/ mobile data network and also even if  wifi connection doesnt work.
  • “No data usage” as well as “No internet needed”
  • Zapya can easily backup your files and transfer contacts, SMS messages, apps and all files from your old phone to new phone and as well as from PC also if you install it.
  • Sharing files from Phone to Phone i.e., between Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as  Phone to PC/Mac without cables and that to with the unlimited sharing of files. Yes! Now you can share the hotstar apk without downloading, you can also directly hostar download if you don’t like to share with zapya.
  • This is an open platform to you and your friends.
  • Zapya has amazing transferring speed which is 200 times better than bluetooth speed and conditions apply for this as speed will be affected by the equipment & the surroundings.
  • We can transfer any file with any size and Zapya can share photos, music, video, apps, PDF, and any other file types with unlimited file size as we already discussed above.
  • Group Sharing is very much available in this as multiple files of all types can be send at once to a group of friends with a limit of upto 5.
  • It thoroughly defeats BlueTooth/NFC/AirDrop and it is better than all, when compared.
  • Transferring of party songs and images which proves to be a good memory and videos to your nearby friends within seconds and it’s just awesome in this process.

zapya app download

NOTE: Please share only appropriate content responsibly. Be a proud Zapya apk user  and enjoy the new waves of networking with a style of sharing with unlimited booster and have fun.

Download Zapya For Android Free:

zapya for pc

Now, to download Zapya application for free there are two steps we can download with one is you can download it from playstore and other thing is you need to click the link which will be provided by us and download it and enjoy the Zapya application.

Step – 1: Go to the google play store in your mobile and go for apps < then in search bar type Zapya < you will get the results for Zapya < click on Zapya “z” as logo and < click on install < wait for few seconds and the installation gets completed – login with credentials and enjoy the application.

zapya app

Step – 2: The other process is click on the below link which we are providing and just follow the instructions after the installation gets completed.


Enjoy the file sharing application on your mobile and have fun, if you still have any queries regarding this tutorial, then try to comment in the below comment section.

Download Zapya APk for Android – Samsung, HTC, Moto e/g 2nd Gen
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